Help regarding renaming of vmcore-incomplete to vmcore

Atsushi Kumagai ats-kumagai at
Sun May 7 18:41:54 PDT 2017


>Hi I am a university student, and have made some changes to
>makedumpfile to produce a gzipped output of core dump. The issue I'm
>facing is that the output i get from makedumpfile (after it completes
>successfully) is vmcore-incomplete.gzip.
>But this file is not being renamed to vmcore.gzip (even thought the
>dump the complete as I verified it by loading into CRASH utility). Can
>someone please point out to me the changes I should make to solve this
>bug (or  can point to the code where this renaming is done).

makedumpfile doesn't have such renaming mechanism, it just name the dump
as user specify. I guess "vmcore-incomplete" you said is came from kexec-tools.
For example, kexec-tools of RHEL7 generate the code below for dump-capture kernel:

   110     echo "kdump: saving vmcore"
   111     $CORE_COLLECTOR /proc/vmcore $_mp/$KDUMP_PATH/$HOST_IP-$DATEDIR/vmcore-incomplete || return 1
   112     mv $_mp/$KDUMP_PATH/$HOST_IP-$DATEDIR/vmcore-incomplete $_mp/$KDUMP_PATH/$HOST_IP-$DATEDIR/vmcore
   113     sync

$CORE_COLLECTOR is makedumpfile, so the code generate "vmcore-incomplete"
by makedumpfile and rename it to vmcore by mv.
If you want "vmcore.gzip", you should just specify vmcore.gzip for

Atsushi Kumagai

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