[PATCH] Fix module module_init/init_size offsets for v4.5 kernel

Atsushi Kumagai ats-kumagai at wm.jp.nec.com
Sun Oct 30 23:17:00 PDT 2016

>On Friday 28 October 2016 12:06 PM, Atsushi Kumagai wrote:
>>> >On Friday 28 October 2016 10:37 AM, Kamalesh Babulal wrote:
>>>> >>Kernel commit 7523e4dc50 (module: use a structure to encapsulate layout.)
>>>> >>encapsulates core_layout and init_layout into module_layout structure.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>commit fa6a75a93 (Fix module core base and size offset for kernel v4.5)
>>>> >>fixes offset value calculation for core layout's base and size, whereas
>>>> >>Kernel v4.5 module changes also needs fixing of module init_size and
>>>> >>module_init for the makedumpfile to read the correct module address.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>This patch fixes calculation of offsets values for module init_size and
>>>> >>module_init.
>>>> >>
>>>> >>Signed-off-by: Kamalesh Babulal<kamalesh at linux.vnet.ibm.com>
>>>> >>Cc: Pratyush Anand<panand at redhat.com>
>>> >
>>> >Reviewed-by: Pratyush Anand<panand at redhat.com>
>> Thanks, but I think Guenther posted the same fix which you can see
>> in the devel branch:
>> commit 32dd46803944959f78e01e7c4847c465efca99a6
>> Author: Guenther Hutzl<hutzl at linux.vnet.ibm.com>
>> Date:   Wed Jul 6 20:00:54 2016 +0900
>>      [PATCH] Fix module init base and size offset for kernel v4.5
>Thank you for pointing out the commit. Should I rebase future patch
>against devel branch.

Yes, I recommend that. It's better also for me to review.

Atsushi Kumagai

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