[PATCH v15 00/20] arm64 kexec kernel patches v15

Marc Zyngier marc.zyngier at arm.com
Tue May 17 01:06:54 PDT 2016

Hi Dave,

On 17/05/16 06:42, Dave Young wrote:
> Marc, it has been discussed for long time, I think kdump code can be
> logically splitted from this series so that we can get the kexec
> done first? 

The basis for kexec are already on their way to mainline, as part of the
hibernate series that James has put together.

I'd expect someone to:

1) rebase the remaining kexec/kdump patches based on the current
2) post these patches when -rc1 gets cut in two weeks from now,
3) address the review comments in a timely manner,
4) update the series once a week so that we see some actual progress

If this happens, I can't see any reason why this code wouldn't get
merged. But keeping kexec and kdump together is not what has prevented
the code from getting merged until now.


> On 04/01/16 at 11:39am, Geoff Levand wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Fri, 2016-04-01 at 09:59 +0800, Dave Young wrote:
>>> Geoff, for easier to review maybe you can send kexec patches first
>>> then AKASHI Takahiro
>>> can send the kdump patches as a standalone patchset?
>> Marc Zyngier specifically asked for an integrated set
>> of patches for easier review.  I will keep it that way
>> for now.
>> -Geoff

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