[RFC 0/3] extend kexec_file_load system call

Jeremy Kerr jeremy.kerr at au1.ibm.com
Thu Jul 21 17:53:41 PDT 2016

Hi Thiago,

> So even if not ideal, the solution above is desirable for powerpc. We would 
> like to preserve the ability of allowing userspace to pass parameters to the 
> OS via the DTB, even if secure boot is enabled.
> I would like to turn the above into a proposal:
> Extend the syscall as shown in this RFC from Takahiro AKASHI, but instead of 
> accepting a complete DTB from userspace, the syscall accepts a DTB 
> containing only a /chosen node. If the DTB contains any other node, the 
> syscall fails with EINVAL. If the DTB contains any subnode in /chosen, or if 
> there's a compatible or device_type property in /chosen, the syscall fails 
> with EINVAL as well.

This works for me. We could even have it as just a DTB fragment that is
merged *at* the /chosen/ node of the kernel-device tree - so would not
contain a /chosen node itself, and it would be impossible to provide
nodes outside of /chosen. Either is fine.



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