IO memory read from /proc/vmcore leads to hang.

Daniel Walker danielwa at
Wed Jul 20 12:18:50 PDT 2016

Mahesh, I didn't get your email for some reason . I saw it in the Archives.

makedumpfile doesn't appear to have a way to drop free form memory 
areas. So I need to drop 00800000 to 00807fff , but I don't see a way to 
do that. Any other suggestions on how to prevent this hang ?

On 07/11/2016 02:46 PM, Daniel Walker wrote:
> Hi,
> I found found that on my Powerpc machine there is some IO memory which 
> will cause the box to hang if I read it. It's a custom device that was 
> added to the board for a special purpose.
> I was looking for a way to exclude this memory from the dump, and 
> while doing that I found that kexec makes a list of memory segments 
> that go into the core file. I was wondering why most of the kexec 
> architecture don't appear to exclude device memory like what's listed 
> in /proc/iomem.
> Is there a good reason why that's not the case?
> Daniel

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