[RFC 0/3] extend kexec_file_load system call

Thiago Jung Bauermann bauerman at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Jul 15 14:03:35 PDT 2016

Am Freitag, 15 Juli 2016, 22:26:09 schrieb Arnd Bergmann:
> On Friday, July 15, 2016 2:42:10 PM CEST Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> > On other architectures, DT can also contain open-firmware "functions"
> > but I don't think there's much support in the kernel for that - maybe
> > the PPC folk can reply on that point.
> The open firmware runtime interface are shut down by the time we have
> a flattened device tree, so those are not accessible any more. IIRC
> SPARC leaves the open firmware interface live, but it doesn't use
> fdt, so that's not relevant here.
> However, the powerpc specific RTAS runtime services provide a similar
> interface to the UEFI runtime support and allow to call into
> binary code from the kernel, which gets mapped from a physical
> address in the "linux,rtas-base" property in the rtas device node.
> Modifying the /rtas node will definitely give you a backdoor into
> priviledged code, but modifying only /chosen should not let you get
> in through that specific method.

Except that arch/powerpc/kernel/rtas.c looks for any node in the tree called 
"rtas", so it will try to use /chosen/rtas, or /chosen/foo/rtas.

We can forbid subnodes in /chosen in the dtb passed to kexec_file_load, 
though that means userspace can't use the simple-framebuffer binding via 
this mechanism.

We also have to blacklist the device_type and compatible properties in 
/chosen to avoid the problem Mark mentioned.

Still doable, but not ideal. :-/

Thiago Jung Bauermann
IBM Linux Technology Center

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