[PATCH 1/2] eppic: vhost_net_buffers - Adopt to struct sk_buff changes

Atsushi Kumagai ats-kumagai at wm.jp.nec.com
Mon Dec 19 22:35:59 PST 2016

>On Monday 19 December 2016 01:04 PM, Atsushi Kumagai wrote:
>> Hello Kamalesh,
>> Thanks for taking care of the scripts.
>> The current scripts are created based on the same kernel version:
>>     ===================================
>>      Eppic scripts README
>>     ==================================
>>     The eppic scripts are based on the fedora 19 kernel.
>> So if you update a part of the scripts, the target kernel version of
>> them will be complex and confusing.
>> I don't think we need to update these scripts since they are just sample,
>> the purpose is to tell users how to write a script.
>Thank you for the review. Agree, these scripts are guide on how to write
>scripts. On the other hand, if the user tries to run these scripts on
>the latest kernel +
>supported makedumpfile for that release, they would fail. These scripts
>are outdated,
>when run on latest kernel due to data structure changes. I can take up the
>responsibility of maintaining eppic scripts against kernel changes for
>every makedumpfile

If you will maintain them after this, I have no reason to reject it.
I don't think all of the kernel version should be covered by the samples,
but it's better to keep existing scripts because users don't always use
the latest kernel.
For that reason, I want to clarify the correspondence between script file
and kernel version at least for existing files like:

  // just sample, not fact

Of course writing the correspondence table into README is OK,
any ideas are welcome. After this clean up, let's follow up
newer kernel versions.

Atsushi Kumagai

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