[ANNOUNCE] kexec-tools v2.0.14 preparation

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Fri Dec 2 00:24:24 PST 2016

Hi all,

I am planning to release kexec-tools v2.0.14 around the time that
the v4.9 kernel is released.

I would like to ask interested parties to send any patches they would like
included in v2.0.14 within one week so that I can make an rc release.

For reference the patches queued up since v2.0.13 are as follows:

0a7fba8b1453 purgatory: Change default sha256 optimization to -O2
ec271d6c2988 arm64: Add support of R_AARCH64_PREL32 relocation in purgatory
c743758d77b8 arm64: Add support for additional relocations in the kexec purgatory code
e345e27417db arm64: Add missing kexec dist files
402cf1427293 arm64: Cleanup kexec Makefile
16fd64af363b kexec/fs2dt: Check for NULL pointer in dt_copy_old_root_param()
6e8804f9ca67 multiboot: Use the "reserved" type for non-ram zones
53634c3e9a0c multiboot: Fix length computation for the memory zones
97b6f5f78d95 kexec elf: Sanity check on the note header before accessing it
1574ff1aae4f arm: include phys_to_virt.h and iomem.h in distribution
29086f45a45f kexec: socket not released when error situation occur.
9fd57cad8a0f kexec: fix mem_regions_sort()
9f62cbddddfc kexec/arch/i386: Add support for KASLR memory randomization
abdfe97736f8 arm64: Add support for binary image files
522df5f7217f arm64: Add arm64 kexec support
217bcc00c930 kexec: Add common device tree routines
f7a0ff52e04d kexec-tools 2.0.13.git

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