[PATCH] kexec: Add --lite option

Geoff Levand geoff at infradead.org
Wed Oct 21 17:37:28 PDT 2015

Hi Jeremy,

On Thu, 2015-10-22 at 08:02 +0800, Jeremy Kerr wrote:
> Add a new option --lite to kexec that allows for a fast reboot
> > by avoiding the purgatory integrity checks.  This option is
> > intended for use by kexec based bootloaders that load a new
> > image and then immediately transfer control to it.
> Can we call this something other than 'lite'? I'd want to prevent any
> confusion when referring to 'kexec-lite', which is a separate
> project.

Well, that is why I chose the name 'lite', because it mimics what kexec
-lite does...

What do others think?


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