[PATCH V5] makedumpfile: exclude page structures of non-dumped pages

Dave Anderson anderson at redhat.com
Tue Oct 13 10:57:36 PDT 2015

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> Applies to the development branch as of 10/13/2015.
> This patch adds a -e option to makedumpfile.
> The -e option excludes kernel pages that contain nothing but kernel page
> structures for pages that are not being included in the dump.

... [ cut ] ...

> The only disadvantage is that various options of the crash 'kmem' command (that
> walk lists of page structures) will not work.
> Version 7.0.9 of crash is already patched to issue a warning about such commands
> when the dump is flagged DUMP_DH_EXCLUDED_VMEMMAP.

Just to clarify -- crash-7.0.9 added support for printing warnings if DUMP_DH_COMPRESSED_INCOMPLETE
is set in compressed kdump dumpfile headers, (and DUMP_ELF_INCOMPLETE flags in kdump ELF headers).
But it will not issue any warnings w/respect to missing page strucures.

You're going to file an associated DUMP_DH_EXCLUDED_VMEMMAP patch to the crash-utility
mailing list if/when this makedumpfile patch gets accepted, correct?


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