makedumpfile-1.5.8: Fair I/O workload assignment for --split.

Atsushi Kumagai ats-kumagai at
Tue Mar 24 17:02:57 PDT 2015


makedumpfile version 1.5.8 is released.
Your comments/patches are welcome.

Main new feature:
o Fair I/O workload assignment for --split
 - Add the new option "--splitblock-size" to specify the permissible
   difference of each splitted dumpfile size. Please note that the
   difference can be larger than the specified size since this feature
   doesn't care about zero page filtering.

o Make incomplete dumpfile readable
   in the header of dumpfiles if ENOSPC occurs. The flags make crash utility
   attempt analyzing the dumpfile even it is known to be incomplete.

o Support new kernels
 - The supported kernel is updated to 3.19 in this version.

o New feature
    - [PATCH v2] Get MODULES_VADDR by KERNEL_IMAGE_SIZE for x86_64. (by Baoquan He) 56649f7
    - [PATCH v4 1/4] Make get_elf64_phdr()/get_elf32_phdr() public. (by Wang Xiao) 3182be9
    - [PATCH v4 2/4] Make the incomplete dumpfile generated by ENOSPC error analyzable.
      (by Wang Xiao) e39216f
    - [PATCH v4 3/4] Implementation of dealing with kdump-compressed dumpfile with
      ENOSPC error. (by Wang Xiao) 76025d3
    - [PATCH v4 4/4] Fix reassemble_kdump_header(). (by Zhou Wenjian) 45a1885
    - [PATCH v3] Enable --mem-usage for s390x. (by Michael Holzheu) 2e452d7
    - [PATCH v5 1/5] Add support for splitblock. (by Zhou Wenjian) c7825d4
    - [PATCH v5 2/5] Add tools for reading and writing from splitblock table.
      (by Zhou Wenjian) 11dcbfe
    - [PATCH v5 3/5] Add module of generating table. (by Zhou Wenjian) 28e367c
    - [PATCH v5 4/5] Add module of calculating start_pfn and end_pfn in each dumpfile.
      (by Zhou Wenjian) 2b74c02
    - [PATCH v5 5/5] Add support for --splitblock-size. (by Zhou Wenjian) 3352179
    - [PATCH] sadump: Support more than 16TB physical memory space. (by HATAYAMA Daisuke) 37afcd5

o Bugfix
    - [PATCH] Use file offset in initialize_mmap(). (by Petr Tesarik) f822608

o Cleanup
    - [PATCH] Initialize symbols early for old kernels. (by Atsushi Kumagai) 99850a1
    - [PATCH v2] Introduce stub method for machine dependent parts. (by Atsushi Kumagai) bf0bbf9
    - [PATCH] Read vmcoreinfo as early as possible. (by Atsushi Kumagai) 21631da
    - [PATCH] Bring get_kcore_dump_loads() backward. (by Atsushi Kumagai) c1d9e15
    - [PATCH 1/2] Add description of elf dump file. (by Zhou Wenjian) 4074bb6
    - [PATCH 2/2] Add description of incomplete dump file. (by Zhou Wenjian) b343067
    - [PATCH] Cleanup: Add some comments for ELF format. (by Atsushi Kumagai) 4a59bd6
    - [PATCH 1/2] Modify the description of the dump level. (by Atsushi Kumagai) 3599df6
    - [PATCH 2/2] Change the part of the pfn counter for page cache. (by Atsushi Kumagai) 7b55569
    - [PATCH v3 1/7] cache: get rid of search loop in cache_add(). (by Petr Tesarik) e068ea2
    - [PATCH v3 2/7] cache: allow to return a page to the pool. (by Petr Tesarik) f2b30c6
    - [PATCH v3 3/7] cache: do not allocate from the pending list. (by Petr Tesarik) ff592e6
    - [PATCH v3 4/7] cache: add hit/miss statistics to the final report. (by Petr Tesarik) 7405a60
    - [PATCH v3 5/7] cache: allocate buffers in one big chunk. (by Petr Tesarik) 65899d0
    - [PATCH v3 6/7] cache: allow arbitrary size of cache entries. (by Petr Tesarik) 5881f23
    - [PATCH v3 7/7] cache: store mapped regions directly in the cache. (by Petr Tesarik) 1acd75f
    - [PATCH] Update email addresses of mainteners. (by Atsushi Kumagai) febff05

Explanation of makedumpfile:
  To shorten the size of the dumpfile and the time of creating the
  dumpfile, makedumpfile copies only the necessary pages for analysis
  to the dumpfile from /proc/vmcore. You can specify the kind of
  unnecessary pages with dump_level. If you want to shorten the size
  further, enable the compression of the page data.

  You can download the latest makedumpfile from the following URL.
  Details of the change are written on the git page of the following site.

Method of installation:
  You can compile the makedumpfile command as follows;
  1. "tar -zxvf makedumpfile-x.y.z.tar.gz"
  2. "cd makedumpfile-x.y.z"
  3. "make; make install"

  makedumpfile [-c] [-E] [-d dump_level] [-x vmlinux] dump_mem dump_file

  If you want to exclude pages filled by zero, cache pages, user pages
  and free pages and to enable compression, please execute the following

  # makedumpfile -c -d 31 /proc/vmcore dumpfile

Atsushi Kumagai

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