[PATCH 1/2] makedumpfile: Delete useless codes

Atsushi Kumagai ats-kumagai at wm.jp.nec.com
Mon Jun 29 01:34:08 PDT 2015

>free_bitmap_buffer() in create_dump_bitmap() includes free_bitmap2_buffer().
>So delete free_bitmap2_buffer().

I thought that calling free_bitmap_buffer() at the end of create_dump_bitmap()
is wrong, actually I fixed that in the devel branch like below:

          /* Should keep the buffer in the 1-cycle case. */
          if (info->flag_cyclic)

          return ret;

The reason why we free the 2nd bitmap buffer once here is to reduce the
memory consumption for the multi-cycle case in the kdump-compressed path,
otherwise the bitmap buffers should be kept during execution.

If the buffers are kept as expected, there is no need to re-prepare the
2nd bitmap buffer as [PATCH 2/2].

However, thanks to you, I notice that the current devel code still
free the 2nd bitmap buffer in the ELF path even though it's necessary.
So I'll fix it.

Atsushi Kumagai

>Signed-off-by: Zhou wenjian <zhouwj-fnst at cn.fujitsu.com>
> makedumpfile.c |    3 ---
> 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
>diff --git a/makedumpfile.c b/makedumpfile.c
>index cc71f20..7f2949c 100644
>--- a/makedumpfile.c
>+++ b/makedumpfile.c
>@@ -5933,9 +5933,6 @@ create_dump_bitmap(void)
> 		info->num_dumpable = get_num_dumpable_cyclic();
>-		if (!info->flag_elf_dumpfile)
>-			free_bitmap2_buffer();
> 	} else {
> 		struct cycle cycle = {0};
> 		first_cycle(0, info->max_mapnr, &cycle);
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