[PATCH 7/8] arm64/kexec: Add checks for KVM

AKASHI Takahiro takahiro.akashi at linaro.org
Mon Feb 2 00:18:19 PST 2015


On 01/31/2015 04:48 AM, Geoff Levand wrote:
> Hi Takahiro.
> On Fri, 2015-01-30 at 15:10 +0900, AKASHI Takahiro wrote:
>> Initially, I thought that we would define kvm_arch_exit() and call it
>> somewhere in the middle of kexec path (no idea yet).
>> But Geoff suggested me to implement a new hvc call, HVC_CPU_SHUTDOWN(??),
>> and make it called via cpu_notifier(CPU_DYING_FROZEN) initiated by
>> machine_shutdown() from kernel_kexec().
> As an initial implementation we can hook into the CPU_DYING_FROZEN
> notifier sent to hyp_init_cpu_notify().  The longer term solution
> should use kvm_arch_hardware_enable() and kvm_arch_hardware_disable().

Are these two different approaches? I mean,
kexec will initiate cpu hotplug:
kernel_exec() -> machine_shutdown() -> disable_nonboot_cpu()
    -> _cpu_down() -> cpu_notify_nofail(CPU_DEAD|...)

On the other hand, kvm already has a hook into kvm_arch_hardware_disable():
   (ignoring kvm_usage_count here)
kvm_cpu_hotplug(CPU_DYING) -> hardware_disable()
    -> hardware_disable_nolock() -> kvm_arch_hardware_disable()

So it seems that we don't have to add a new hook at hyp_init_cpu_notify()
if kvm_arch_hardware_disable() is properly implemented.
disable_nonboot_cpu() will not inovke cpu hotplug on *boot* cpu, and
we should handle it in a separate way though.

Do I misunderstand anything here?

-Takahiro AKASHI

> The calls to cpu_notifier(CPU_DYING_FROZEN) are part of cpu hot
> plug, and independent of kexec.  If someone were to add spin-table
> cpu un-plug, then it would be used for that also.  It seems we should
> be able to test without kexec by using cpu hot plug.
> To tear down KVM you need to get back to hyp mode, and hence
> the need for HVC_CPU_SHUTDOWN.  The sequence I envisioned would
> be like this:
> cpu_notifier(CPU_DYING_FROZEN)
>   -> kvm_cpu_shutdown()
>      prepare for hvc
>         now in hyp mode, do KVM tear down, restore default exception vectors
> Once the default exception vectors are restored soft_restart()
> can then execute the cpu_reset routine in EL2.
> Some notes are here for those with access:  https://cards.linaro.org/browse/KWG-611
> -Geoff

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