[PATCH] arm: ramdisk uimage support for arm

Pratyush Anand panand at redhat.com
Thu Dec 17 01:51:17 PST 2015

On 17/12/2015:08:57:14 AM, Michele Dionisio wrote:
> yes it is true.
> I'm not in the position to test ppc. So my only way to be sure to avoid to
> introduce regration is to avoid to refactor the code.
> But it is true. If you are able to test ppc I can try to post the
> refactoring.

I also do not be able to test it on ppc, but I believe refactoring would be
trivial and would not have any functionality difference. So, better to go with
that rather than duplicating the code. You may keep ppc developer in CC and ask
for ACK from  them.


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