[PATCH RFC] Drop release date from kexec-tools version output

Pratyush Anand panand at redhat.com
Thu Aug 27 00:49:30 PDT 2015

On 27/08/2015:02:29:57 PM, Dave Young wrote:
> Pratyush, rethink about it, it is still confused. Considering below case:
> git clone kexec-tools;
> bootstrap and build, the version and date is the current git version and current date
> after some time, git pull, upstream bumps to new version
> run make again, build/sbin/kexec --version will still show the old date along with new version

OK, got it..

May be we can take this patch and then it will be good to take Geoff's following patch.


With this patch we get something like this:
$ ./build/sbin/kexec -v
kexec version:
kexec-tools 2.0.10.git released 27 August 2015

So, we have Date, Time and git shaid as well.


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