commit 5edcbfd1368e break kexec on x86-64

Yinghai Lu yinghai at
Wed Apr 29 15:36:17 PDT 2015


commit 5edcbfd1368e84fce913ceeeca7b712c524dc20d
Author: Aníbal Limón <anibal.limon at>
Date:   Thu Mar 26 16:19:58 2015 +0000

    x86_64: Add support to build kexec-tools with x32 ABI

after built kexec on opensuse 13.1 64bit, now when using kexec load
kernel, I got

overflow in relocation type R_X86_64_32 val 21dffc020

revert that commit and the one after it, kexec is working again.



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