[PATCH 10/13] kexec: Load and Relocate purgatory at kernel load time

Borislav Petkov bp at alien8.de
Fri Jun 13 09:14:47 PDT 2014

On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 03:24:48PM -0400, Vivek Goyal wrote:
> This new syscall requires sha256 even if signature checking does not
> happen. Purgatory verifies checksum of segments.
> I had to select CRYPTO also otherwise CONFIG_CRYPTO=m broke the build.
> > 
> > Which begs the more important question - shouldn't this new in-kernel
> > loading method support also kexec'ing of kernels without any signature
> > verifications at all?
> I think yes it should allow kexecing kernels without any signature also.
> In fact in long term, we should deprecate the old syscall and maintain
> this new one.
> Now, when does signature checking kick in? I think we can define a new
> config option say KEXEC_ENFORCE_KERNEL_SIG_VERIFICATION. This option
> will make sure kernel signature are verified. 
> verification should be enforced if secureboot is enabled on the platform.

Right, this makes sense to me. Probably Matthew might want to chime in
here too...

> I will make it configurable in next series. This series does not do
> any signature verification yet. Above CRYPTO and CRYPTO_SHA256 I had
> to select to make sure checksum verfication logic in purgatory works
> fine.


> Hmm... I have seen at other places using same name as structure. But I am
> not particular about it will change. Anyway, on most of the places
> I use a pointer to access it.
> struct purgaotry_info *pi  = &image->purgatory_info;

Yep, saw that in the later patches :)

> I would like to retain purgaotry_buf. To shorten it I could do this.
> 	struct purgatory_info *pi = &image->purgatory_info;
> 	vfree(pi->purgatory_buf);
> 	pi->purgatory_buf = NULL;
> I like the clarity in variable names.


> I would like to keep it one function. Reason being that apart from
> digest, we also store the list of regions which has been checkummed. And
> you will notice that we skip the purgatory region during checksum
> calculation.
> So I will have to return quite some information from calc() function. Size
> of digest, actual digest buffer which will need to be freed by caller,
> and list of sha regions which will need to be freed by caller. Keeping
> it call in one function makes it little simpler actually.

Hmm, ok.

> Just wanted a small zero buffer. Is there any global zero buffer
> available in kernel. If not, I could use a PAGE_SIZE zero buffer
> instead.




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