makedumpfile and elfutils

Atsushi Kumagai kumagai-atsushi at
Wed Jul 2 17:16:04 PDT 2014

Hello Joe,

> I am updating a bitbake recipe to build makedumpfile 1.5.6.  The current
> recipe builds 1.4.4 and includes a version of elfutils.  For 1.5.6 you say
> to use elfutils-0.142 but we already have version 0.158 so I don't see why
> we should need an older version, too.  makedumpfile builds linking to
> elfutils-0.158.
> Do we really need elfutils-0.142?

No, 0.142 or later are OK, you don't need to downgrade it.
However, I didn't test the recent versions of elfutils, so please let me
know if you find any problems.

  commit ecafa7639b931151ff62d33e26f3746981c7c128
  Author: Atsushi Kumagai <kumagai-atsushi at>
  Date:   Wed Sep 5 16:10:34 2012 +0900

      [PATCH] Update necessary elfutils version.

      For some vmlinux, -g option needs new elfutils(0.142 or later).
      Therefore, this patch updates the version in README file.

      Signed-off-by: Atsushi Kumagai <kumagai-atsushi at>

Atsushi Kumagai


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