[v2 0/3] Introduce struct cycle to store cyclic region and clean up

Baoquan He bhe at redhat.com
Thu Jan 23 04:47:31 EST 2014

    In first_cycle(), start_pfn assignation is not aligned to info->pfn_cyclic.
    Now in v2 change this. Accordingly the pfn in write_elf_header() and
    write_elf_pages_cyclic() need be adjusted to the real beginning of a
    load segment, but not the cycle->start_pfn which may be lower after alignment.

Baoquan He (3):
  makedumpfile: introduce struct cycle to store the cyclic region
  makedumpfile: use struct cycle to update cyclic region and clean up
  makedumpfile: remove member variables representing cyclic pfn region
    in struct DumpInfo

 makedumpfile.c | 497 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 makedumpfile.h |  21 +--
 sadump_info.c  |   4 +-
 3 files changed, 259 insertions(+), 263 deletions(-)


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