kexec fails to boot kernels where CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE=y is set

Vivek Goyal vgoyal at
Thu Aug 21 12:02:26 PDT 2014

On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 02:10:00PM -0400, Vivek Goyal wrote:

> Also, I vaguely recall that there was a kernel parameter to disable kASLR.
> And kexec/kdump initially can use that paramter as a work around. What was
> that parameter.

I see that "nokaslr" will disable it at run time. I remember that we
had discussions that it can be used as a work around. But I don't see
kexec-tools or fedora kdump scripts appending "nokaslr" in kdump case.
That's strange.

Chao, would you remember anything about it. 

Thomas, can you please test kexec with "nokaslr" specified in command
line. This can atleast get you going for now till the problem is actually


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