[PATCH v7 0/9] kexec-tools, x86: E820 memmap pass for kdump

WANG Chao chaowang at redhat.com
Mon Apr 21 21:37:51 PDT 2014

On 04/22/14 at 10:56am, WANG Chao wrote:
> Hi, All
> This patchset enables passing memory map via E820 map on x86 platform instead
> of memmap=exactmap. It's a better design and will solve the following problem
> so far:
> - kernel cmdline is limited resource and large machines tend to have many
>     memory ranges that may excceed kernel cmdline limit size.
> - kASLR doesn't work with memmap=exactmap, because kASLR happens early than
>     user defined memmap=exactmap takes effect.
> Unfortunately, saved_max_pfn still got its user out there (calgry pci, it looks
> like the only one). So for backward compatibility, I'm introducing a new option
> --pass-memmap-cmdline to force kexec-tools to pass memmap=exactmap, the old way.
> This patchset contains massive updates from the previous one. I take some
> suggestions from reviewers. I try to split the changes into smaller pieces and
> keep the whole change as minimal as I can so it wouldn't be too harsh to review
> the patch.
> Any comment is appreciate!
> v7->v6:
> dyoung/Simon:
>  - more description for CRASH_MAX_MEMMAP_NR to be 1024

Hi, Simon

I've changed 5/9 regarding Dave's comment and yours. Could you please
pick up this patchset if there's no more problem?


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