[PATCH v4 07/12] efi: passing kexec necessary efi data via setup_data

Borislav Petkov bp at alien8.de
Fri Nov 29 11:46:32 EST 2013

On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 05:14:16PM +0800, Dave Young wrote:
> That's reserved for future extension use, who knows if we will need to
> pass other fields in the future.

Hrrmmm, 8*64 = 64 Bytes?? And you can't change it later because of the
situation where machines might be using older kexec-tools?

> > Static function - no need for "efi_" prefix.
> Ok. I'm not very satisfied with the function name, any better
> suggestion?
> reuse_config
> use_old_config_phys_addr
> update_config_entry_with_phys_addr

Looks like we're applying quirks so apply_quirks()?

And those kexec-specific quirks need to be behind CONFIG_KEXEC too, btw.

> Since Matt suggest to extend the function for other possible field
> other than smbios, so I would like to move comment to the front
> of the function like below:
> /*
>  * For kexec kernel there's some special config table entries which will be
>  * converted to virtual addresses after entering virtual mode. In kexec kernel
>  * we need the physical addresses instead, thus passing them via setup_data
>  * and update the entries to physical addresses in this function.
>  *
>  * Currently only handles smbios which is necessary for HP z420.
>  */

That's better.

> Is there any idea in your mind how to add the code for HP only?


> Yes, __map_region return an error code will be better. Will you send
> a patch for __map_region? or I can add one more patch along with next
> version.

I was going to wait for your patches to settle down first so that I
don't disturb your work.

But if you want to fix this, I certainly wouldn't want to stop you :)
but please do so in a prepatch before your series which addresses only
this issue.



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