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Atsushi Kumagai kumagai-atsushi at
Mon Nov 18 20:58:03 EST 2013

Hello Thomas,

(2013/11/13 1:24), Thomas Renninger wrote:
> Hi,
> there was a patch recently from Lubomir, title:
> dump-dmesg: Understand >= v3.11-rc4 dmesg
> But in makedumpfile.h the latest supported version still is:
> #define LATEST_VERSION          KERNEL_VERSION(3, 9, 6)/* linux-3.9.6 */
> resulting in:
> The kernel version is not supported.
> The created dumpfile may be incomplete.
> messages.
> I wonder whether there are other known issues with latest
> kernels which are the reason LATEST_VERSION did not get increased
> and which are those?

LATEST_VERSION is increased with a complete test when the new version
is released. So the reason is just that I didn't test v1.5.4 on
kernel 3.10 and later.

> I also wonder what the concept of LATEST_VERSION is.
> One does not know in advance which change in a newer kernel version
> might break things?
> So this one needs to be increased with every new kernel version?

There is no definite rule, but the new version is usually released
every 2-3 versions of kernel and supports them additionally.

BTW, makedumpfile-1.5.5 will be released at the beginning of December
and it will support kernel 3.10, 3.11 and 3.12 as well.

Atsushi Kumagai

> Thanks for any hints,
>       Thomas
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