[PATCH] kexec/ppc64: bring up new ppc64le architecture

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Mon Nov 18 20:01:40 EST 2013

On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 04:01:51PM +0100, Laurent Dufour wrote:
> This patch provides support for the new Power PC litte endian (LE) mode. The
> LE mode only differs in the way the instructions and data are stored in memory
> thus there is no real need to duplicate the ppc64 code.
> However some compilation's options, especially for the purgatory, differ
> between little and big endian mode's support. A new "SUBARCH" build variable
> is introduced which is currently only used for PPC64 to specify the
> endianness.
> Another set of changes in this patch is fixing minor endianess issues in the
> ppc64 code and fix an alignment issue raised on Power7 little endian mode.
> Among these fixes, the check on the kernel binary endianess is removed,
> since we can imagine kexecing a LE kernel from a BE environment, as far as
> the specified root filesystem and initrd file are containing the right
> binaries.
> This patch depends on the patch "kexec/ppc64: use common architecture
> fs2dt.c file" I sent earlier on the kexec mailing list.
> Signed-off-by: Laurent Dufour <ldufour at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

Hi Laurent,

I have applied this. But could you let me know how to (cross) compile it?

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