/proc/vmcore mmap() failure issue

Vivek Goyal vgoyal at redhat.com
Wed Nov 13 15:41:30 EST 2013

Hi Hatayama,

We are facing some /proc/vmcore mmap() failure issues and then makdumpfile
exits without saving dump and system reboots.

I tried latest makedumpfile (devel branch) with 3.12 kernel.

I think this issue happens only on some machines. And it looks like it
happens when end of system RAM chunk in first kernel is not page aligned. For
example, I have one machine where I noticed it and this is how system
RAM looks like.

00100000-dafa57ff : System RAM
  01000000-015892fa : Kernel code
  015892fb-0195c9ff : Kernel data
  01ae6000-01d31fff : Kernel bss
  24000000-33ffffff : Crash kernel
dafa5800-dbffffff : reserved

Notice that dafa57ff does not end at page boundary and next reserved
range does not start at page boundary. I think that next reserved
range is referenced through some ACPI data. More on this later.

So we put some printk() messages to get more info. In a nut shell,
remap_pfn_range() fails when we try to map the last section of system
RAM not ending on page boundary.

   track_pfn_remap() {
         * For anything smaller than the vma size we set prot based on the
         * lookup.
        flags = lookup_memtype(paddr);
        /* Check memtype for the remaining pages */
        while (size > PAGE_SIZE) {
                size -= PAGE_SIZE;
                paddr += PAGE_SIZE;
                if (flags != lookup_memtype(paddr))
                        return -EINVAL; <---------------- Failure.

So we pass in a range to track_pfn_remap. Say pfn=0xdad62 size=0x244000.
Now we call lookup_memtype() on every page in the range and make sure
they all are same, otherwise we fail. Guess what, all all same except
last page (which does not end at page boundary).

I dived deeper in to lookup_memtype() and noticed that all regular
ranges are not registered anywhere and their flags are _PAGE_CACHE_UC_MINUS.
But last unaligned page/range, is registered in memtype rb tree and
has attribute, _PAGE_CACHE_WB.

Then I hooked into reserve_memtype() to figure out who is registering
page 0xdafa5000 and it is acpi_init() which does it.

[    0.721655] Hardware name: <edited>
[    0.730590]  ffff8800340f3830 ffff8800340f37c0 ffffffff81575509
[    0.738010]  ffff8800340f3800 ffffffff810566cc 00000000000dafa5
[    0.745428]  00000000dafa6000 00000000dafa5000 0000000000000000
[    0.752845] Call Trace:
[    0.755288]  [<ffffffff81575509>] dump_stack+0x45/0x56
[    0.760414]  [<ffffffff810566cc>] reserve_memtype+0x31c/0x3f0
[    0.766144]  [<ffffffff810537ef>] __ioremap_caller+0x12f/0x360
[    0.771963]  [<ffffffff8130ad56>] ? acpi_os_release_object+0xe/0x12
[    0.778217]  [<ffffffff815686ba>] ? acpi_os_map_memory+0xf6/0x14e
[    0.784295]  [<ffffffff81053a54>] ioremap_cache+0x14/0x20
[    0.789679]  [<ffffffff815686ba>] acpi_os_map_memory+0xf6/0x14e
[    0.795582]  [<ffffffff81322ac9>]
[    0.802961]  [<ffffffff8131ca48>]
[    0.809993]  [<ffffffff8131fd49>] acpi_ex_access_region+0x20e/0x2a2
[    0.816244]  [<ffffffff81149464>] ? __alloc_pages_nodemask+0x134/0x300
[    0.822754]  [<ffffffff813200e4>] acpi_ex_field_datum_io+0xf6/0x171
[    0.829004]  [<ffffffff81320301>] acpi_ex_extract_from_field+0xd7/0x20a
[    0.835602]  [<ffffffff81331d80>] ?
[    0.842981]  [<ffffffff8131f8e7>]
[    0.849838]  [<ffffffff81322e16>]
[    0.856780]  [<ffffffff813230a6>] acpi_ex_resolve_to_value+0x202/0x209
[    0.863291]  [<ffffffff81319486>] acpi_ds_evaluate_name_path+0x7b/0xf5
[    0.869803]  [<ffffffff81319834>] acpi_ds_exec_end_op+0x98/0x3e8
[    0.875793]  [<ffffffff8132aca4>] acpi_ps_parse_loop+0x514/0x560
[    0.881784]  [<ffffffff8132b738>] acpi_ps_parse_aml+0x98/0x28c
[    0.887601]  [<ffffffff8132bf8d>] acpi_ps_execute_method+0x1c1/0x26c
[    0.893939]  [<ffffffff813269c5>] acpi_ns_evaluate+0x1c1/0x258
[    0.899755]  [<ffffffff8131cb98>] acpi_ev_execute_reg_method+0xca/0x112
[    0.906353]  [<ffffffff8131cd6e>] acpi_ev_reg_run+0x48/0x52
[    0.911910]  [<ffffffff81328fad>] acpi_ns_walk_namespace+0xc8/0x17f
[    0.918160]  [<ffffffff8131cd26>] ? acpi_ev_detach_region+0x146/0x146
[    0.924585]  [<ffffffff8131cdbc>] acpi_ev_execute_reg_methods+0x44/0xf7
[    0.931184]  [<ffffffff819b2324>] ? acpi_sleep_proc_init+0x2a/0x2a
[    0.937349]  [<ffffffff8130ac66>] ? acpi_os_wait_semaphore+0x43/0x57
[    0.943686]  [<ffffffff81331a3f>] ? acpi_ut_acquire_mutex+0x48/0x88
[    0.949938]  [<ffffffff8131ceb8>]
[    0.956709]  [<ffffffff819b2324>] ? acpi_sleep_proc_init+0x2a/0x2a
[    0.962873]  [<ffffffff81333310>] acpi_initialize_objects+0x23/0x4f
[    0.969125]  [<ffffffff819b23b4>] acpi_init+0x90/0x268

So basically, this split page seems to be a problem. Some other code
thinks that it has access to full page and goes ahead and registers
that with PAT rb tree and this causes problems in mmap() code.

I suspect we might have to go back to idea of copying first and last
non page aligned ranges in new kernel's memory and read it from there
to solve this issue. Do you have other ideas?


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