Handling spin table in kdump

Suzuki K. Poulose suzuki at in.ibm.com
Tue May 22 08:42:10 EDT 2012


I came across the following issue while testing Kdump on an SMP 
board(Currituck) running a non-SMP kernel. Even though the kernel is UP,
the device-tree has the nodes for second CPU and the related details.

The kexec tool adds the spin table area as a reserved section in the 
device tree for the dump capture kernel. This value is read from the 

But now, if the spin table is not located within the 'Reserved region' 
for the crash kernel, the dump capture kernel would fail to boot, 
hitting a BUG in mm/bootmem.c as in [1].

This is because we try to reserve a region which is not available to the 

So I am wondering how is this handled really on an SMP board (Fsl_bookE).

There are two possible solutions :
1) Do not reserve the regions for the spin-table, as we will use
only the crashing CPU in the second kernel(maxcpus=1).

2) Add the spin-table region to the available memory regions passed
to the kernel by kexec-tools.

I have tested (1) and it works fine for me. Yet to test (2).

Thoughts ?


[1] Kernel Bug

Linux version 3.3.0-rc5 (root at suzukikp.in.ibm.com) (gcc version 4.3.4 
[gcc-4_3-branch revision 152973] (GCC) ) #12 Tue May 22 18:03:01 IST2
Found legacy serial port 0 for /plb/opb/serial at 10000000
   mem=20010000000, taddr=20010000000, irq=0, clk=1851851, speed=115200
------------[ cut here ]------------
kernel BUG at mm/bootmem.c:351!
Vector: 700 (Program Check) at [c8a61e90]
     pc: c847f91c: mark_bootmem+0xa0/0x14c
     lr: c8472670: do_init_bootmem+0x1ac/0x218
     sp: c8a61f40
    msr: 21000
   current = 0xc8a4a500
     pid   = 0, comm = swapper
kernel BUG at mm/bootmem.c:351!
enter ? for help
[c8a61f70] c8472670 do_init_bootmem+0x1ac/0x218
[c8a61f90] c847025c setup_arch+0x1bc/0x234
[c8a61fb0] c846b62c start_kernel+0x98/0x358
[c8a61ff0] c80000b4 _start+0xb4/0xf8

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