[PATCH 0/8] makedumpfile: Xen4 support for SLES11

Atsushi Kumagai kumagai-atsushi at mxc.nes.nec.co.jp
Tue Jul 24 01:13:17 EDT 2012

Hello Petr,

On Mon, 23 Jul 2012 13:32:44 +0200
ptesarik at suse.cz wrote:

> This patchset was created to allow using makedumpfile for Dom0 dumps in SLES
> SP1 and SP2. Most of the patches account for changes to the Xen hypervisor,
> except the last one, which reflects that the "max_pfn" symbol is not exporte
> by the SLES kernel.
> Petr Tesarik
> SUSE Linux

Thank you for your work.

Although I haven't seen almost your patchset yet, does your patchset have 
a functional overlap with the patchset Norbert sent ?

  (This thread needs some experts in Xen)

It seems that the two have the same purpose, but I can't decide which is 
better way. Do you have any opinion ?

Atsushi Kumagai

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