"make headers_check" identifies unusable userspace code

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Aug 29 11:19:21 EDT 2012

$ make headers_check
/home/rpjday/k/git/usr/include/linux/kexec.h:49: userspace cannot
reference function or variable defined in the kernel

  sure enough, here's that part of the exported kexec.h header file:

#ifndef __KERNEL__
 * This structure is used to hold the arguments that are used when
 * loading  kernel binaries.
struct kexec_segment {
        const void *buf;
        size_t bufsz;
        const void *mem;
        size_t memsz;

/* Load a new kernel image as described by the kexec_segment array
 * consisting of passed number of segments at the entry-point address.
 * The flags allow different useage types.
extern int kexec_load(void *, size_t, struct kexec_segment *,
                unsigned long int);
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */

  seems pretty clear that there's no point exporting the declaration
of kexec_load() to user space, correct?



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