Trying to kexec on panic, 3.5.1, tools 2.0.3

Lluís Batlle i Rossell viric at
Wed Aug 22 03:59:22 EDT 2012

Hello all,

I'm trying to get kexec working in case of panic. I write because it does not
work for me...

Nevertheless, if I change '-p' for '-l' in my kexec command line, and then I
issue a "kexec -e", the new kernel loads perfectly fine.

But if I use '-p' (for the panic situation), and I do sysrq-c to cause a Crash,
I see the Oops in my netconsole, and then the screen of the computer (vga
virtual console) shows over the previous kernel log, at the top:

early console in decompress_kernel
I'm in purgatory

And that's the last I see, computer hanged.

I'm using kexectools 2.0.3, on linux 3.5.1. Any idea of what can be happening?
I'm confused because "-l/-e" looks like working, but "-p" not, in the trivial
sysrq-c case.


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