[PATCH 0/4] Export offsets of VMCS fields as note information for kdump

zhangyanfei zhangyanfei at cn.fujitsu.com
Wed Apr 11 06:12:19 EDT 2012

于 2012年04月11日 16:56, Avi Kivity 写道:
> On 04/11/2012 04:39 AM, zhangyanfei wrote:
>> This patch set exports offsets of VMCS fields as note information for
>> kdump. We call it VMCSINFO. The purpose of VMCSINFO is to retrieve
>> runtime state of guest machine image, such as registers, in host
>> machine's crash dump as VMCS format. The problem is that VMCS
>> internal is hidden by Intel in its specification. So, we reverse
>> engineering it in the way implemented in this patch set. Please note
>> that this processing never affects any existing kvm logic. The
>> VMCSINFO is exported via sysfs to kexec-tools just like VMCOREINFO.
>> Here is an example:
>> Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E7500  @ 2.93GHz
>> $cat /sys/kernel/vmcsinfo
>> 1cba8c0 2000
>> crash> rd -p 1cba8c0 1000
>>          1cba8c0:  0000127b00000009 53434d5600000000   ....{.......VMCS
>>          1cba8d0:  000000004f464e49 4e4f495349564552   INFO....REVISION
>>          1cba8e0:  49460a643d44495f 5f4e495028444c45   _ID=d.FIELD(PIN_
>>          1cba8f0:  4d565f4445534142 4f435f434558455f   BASED_VM_EXEC_CO
>>          1cba900:  303d294c4f52544e 0a30383130343831   NTROL)=01840180.
>>          1cba910:  504328444c454946 5f44455341425f55   FIELD(CPU_BASED_
>>          1cba920:  5f434558455f4d56 294c4f52544e4f43   VM_EXEC_CONTROL)
>>          1cba930:  393130343931303d 28444c4549460a30   =01940190.FIELD(
>>          1cba940:  5241444e4f434553 4558455f4d565f59   SECONDARY_VM_EXE
>>          1cba950:  4f52544e4f435f43 30346566303d294c   C_CONTROL)=0fe40
>>          1cba960:  4c4549460a306566 4958455f4d562844   fe0.FIELD(VM_EXI
>>          1cba970:  4f52544e4f435f54 346531303d29534c   T_CONTROLS)=01e4
>>          1cba980:  4549460a30653130 4e455f4d5628444c   01e0.FIELD(VM_EN
>>          1cba990:  544e4f435f595254 33303d29534c4f52   TRY_CONTROLS)=03
>>          1cba9a0:  460a303133303431 45554728444c4549   140310.FIELD(GUE
>>          1cba9b0:  45535f53455f5453 3d29524f5443454c   ST_ES_SELECTOR)=
>>          1cba9c0:  4549460a30303530 545345554728444c   0500.FIELD(GUEST
>>          1cba9d0:  454c45535f53435f 35303d29524f5443   _CS_SELECTOR)=05
>>          ......
> Would be nicer to have a simple binary encoding <field> <offset> instead
> of this.


>> TODO:
>>   1. In kexec-tools, get VMCSINFO via sysfs and dump it as note information
>>      into vmcore.
>>   2. Dump VMCS region of each guest vcpu and VMCSINFO into qemu-process
>>      core file. To do this, we will modify kernel core dumper, gdb gcore
>>      and crash gcore.
> Seems excessive.  Why do you want vmcs information in qemu cores?  A
> qemu crash is very rarely related to kvm, let alone the vmcs.  I
> understand that you may want it in a kernel core dump, though I've never
> needed to myself.  Can you outline a case where this data was needed?

If a qemu process comes to a fatal error that causes itself to be core dumped
by kernel, the running guest based on the qemu process will be included in that
qemu core file. But with no vmcsinfo information in qemu core file, we could not
get the guest's states(registers' values), then we could not make a complete
guest vmcore.

>>   3. Dump guest image from the qemu-process core file into a vmcore.
> For this perhaps a different approach is better - modify the core dumper
> to call kvm to extract the relevant vmcs information into an elf note. 
> This way there is no need to reconstruct the guest data from the
> offsets.  It's also more reliable, since vmread can access cached fields
> that direct memory access cannot.

Does this approach is a replacement for TODO 2 ? That is to say, when generating
a qemu core by kernel core dumper, we could call kvm to extract the relevant vmcs
information into an elf note instead of VMCSINFO and the whole vmcs regions.

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