[PATCH] percpu: fix chunk range calculation

Tejun Heo tj at kernel.org
Tue Nov 22 11:02:08 EST 2011

Hello, Dave.

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:00:28AM +0800, Dave Young wrote:
> > Maybe we can add comment there how it can be further simplified and
> > why things look more complicated than necessary?
> I wonder if it's good to add something like CONFIG_PER_CPU_DEBUG?

Yeah, having more comprehensive sanity checks w/ CONFIG_PER_CPU_DEBUG
would be really nice.

> Anyway I have no strong opinion with this. I'm fine to either of adding
> comment and put it into debug around.

I mostly just don't want to lose the minimal but useful checks in the
phys conversion function.  Please feel free to improve it.

Thank you.


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