kdump with /proc/oldproc

Nathan D Miller nathanm2 at us.ibm.com
Tue May 17 13:30:58 EDT 2011


Has anyone tried reconstituting a portion of the old kernel's /proc while
in the capture kernel?

I had the idea while digging through the kexec/kdump code and it seemed

It might be a means by which user-space dump applications running under the
capture kernel could interrogate the old system, and identify bad processes
that instigated the panic.  In particular, I'm thinking of Out Of Memory
scenarios.   We've modified our kernel to panic instead of invoking the
kernel's OOM killer, but we still have the problem of identifying the "bad"
process while running in the capture kernel.

Perhaps everything could be accomplished using some sort of FUSE
file-system around /proc/oldmem and /proc/vmcore.  Not all the proc/<pid>/
files would need to be implemented, of course.  In addition, each old
process could have its own 'vmcore' file for getting a core dump of the
original process.

What do you think?  Am I tilting at windmills here?

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