kdump without the kexec

Bernhard Walle bernhard at bwalle.de
Sat May 7 03:55:00 EDT 2011

* Lei Wen <adrian.wenl at gmail.com> [2011-05-06 16:33]:
> Is there any existed solution that could make the kdump without the kexec?
> For some kind of system hang, always hardware bug, or software deadlock, which
> could not trigger the kernel oops, so that the first kernel cannot
> load the second kernel
> with kexec tool. The only way here is to directly press the reset key.
> We could be assure that the ddr memory would not be corrupted by this
> way of reset
> (for we don't shutdown the ddr power during the reset). So my question
> is that whether
> we could take use of bootloader, like the u-boot, to pretend we are
> loading the second kernel
> after the reset behavior and then perform the kdump process?

Did you try sysrq-c? Which platform? Most of them have the concept of a
NMI that also can trigger kdump.


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