kexec: Overlapping memory segments error

wille junk at
Thu Jan 20 15:14:27 EST 2011

I am running a minimal system with a stripped down x86 2.6.32 Linux kernel.  
From this environment I kexec to an Ubuntu Lucid i386 2.6.32 kernel.  This 
works fine on *most* hardware, but on some machines the kexec -l fails with 
overlapping memory segments.

First I used the kexec which comes with the Lucid i386 distro (kexec-tools 
2.0.1 released 13th August 2009).  Then I built kexec from the head of the 
git tree, which includes the patch "kexec: fix /sys/firmware/memmap memory 
range overlaps".  I was hopeful this patch would fix my problem, but it 
still fails with an "Overlapping memory segments" error.

As a specific example, on a Dell Latitude E6410 (which uses an Intel i7 
processor) the kexec -l fails with the following messages:

    setup_linux_vesafb: 640x480x16 @ e1000000 +12c000
    Overlapping memory segments at 0x7ffff000

One final clue: if I do the same kexec -l, but without the --initrd option I 
don't get the "Overlapping memory segments..." message, but of course 
without an initrd the system doesn't boot.

Any ideas?


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