[PATCH] kexec: include sysctl to disable

WANG Cong xiyou.wangcong at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 00:32:50 EST 2011

On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 05:21:50 +0000, WANG Cong wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Jan 2011 17:26:30 -0500, Eric Paris wrote:
>> much like /proc/sys/kernel/modules_disable is used to disable module
>> loading, /proc/sys/kernel/kexec_disable is used to disable kexec code
>> loading.  It would still be possible to use kexec -l to load a kernel,
>> set the tunable to 1 so the kernel waiting to boot couldn't change, and
>> then launch the kernel at a later time (through kexec -e or through a
>> crash)
> But root can still change it to 0 and do kexec like normal, right?

Er... never mind, it is a one-way road...

Looks like a good balance between reusing CAP_SYS_MODULE and introducing
a new CAP_SYS_XXX.

Acked-by: WANG Cong <xiyou.wangcong at gmail.com>


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