[Patch] kexec_load: check CAP_SYS_MODULE

Cong Wang amwang at redhat.com
Tue Jan 11 06:26:05 EST 2011

于 2011年01月09日 10:09, Eric W. Biederman 写道:
> We aren't dealing with modules I think CAP_SYS_MODULE is totally
> irrelevant in the context of kexec.

Yeah, although I don't really understand CAP_SYS_MODULE, but it
really confused me to add it to kexec_load() from its name.

> I think to accomplish what you want we either need a way to disable
> sys_kexec_load or possibly a new very targeted capability bit.
> You are making it so that giving someone CAP_SYS_MODULE is giving more
> than the ability to load kernel modules.  Which seems non-intuitive from
> a system management point of view.

How about CAP_SYS_KEXEC?


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