[PATCH 0/4] kexec-tools: Xen fixes and cleanups

Daniel Kiper dkiper at net-space.pl
Sun Aug 21 09:50:29 EDT 2011


I am sending some Xen specific fixes and cleanups for kexec-tools.
These patches applies to current kexec-tools git tree.

Full list of fixes and cleanups:
  - xen: Take into account Xen control interface changes since Xen Ver. 4.1,
  - kexec: Export compare_ranges() function from firmware_memmap.c module,
  - kexec/arch/i386: Rename fixup_memory_ranges_sysfs() to fixup_memory_ranges(),
  - kexec/arch/i386: Add get_memory_ranges_xen() function.


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