Can't kexec/kdump on mpc85xx

Matthew McClintock msm at
Tue Sep 28 11:47:33 EDT 2010

On Sep 27, 2010, at 10:40 PM, Makito SHIOKAWA wrote:

>> First off, what SHA of the kernel are you using? It looks like 2.6.35 should have the patches you need, but I want to double check. Also, how did you compile kexec-tools? Cross compile? What compiler are you using?
> As kernel, I used vanilla 2.6.35. ( Git commit should be 9fe6206f400646a2322096b56c59891d530e8d51)

Ok, that should have all you need.... there are a few more patches but those are mostly for SMP systems. I will try to locate a 8548 board sometime if we can't get this working.

> As cross compiler, I used "Sourcery G++ Lite 4.4-254 for Power GNU/Linux". (
> I cross compiled kernel, kexec-tools on x86 host with it.

Can you try this patch below when building kexec-tools? I ran in to an issue with my cross compiler...

diff --git a/purgatory/Makefile b/purgatory/Makefile
index ea0c19a..a558ed9 100644
--- a/purgatory/Makefile
+++ b/purgatory/Makefile
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ purgatory/sha256.o: $(srcdir)/util_lib/sha256.c
-		      -Os -fno-builtin -ffreestanding
+		      -O0 -fno-builtin -ffreestanding
 			-I$(srcdir)/purgatory/include \


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