Can't kexec/kdump on mpc85xx

Matthew McClintock msm at
Mon Sep 27 11:55:14 EDT 2010

On Sep 26, 2010, at 8:59 PM, Makito SHIOKAWA wrote:

> Is there any operation mistakes, or is something not ready on current
> kernel/kexec-tools?

Actually, it looks like you did everything correct. I've never tested on a mpc8548 but it should work. 

> Not just kexec, I need to make kdump work on the custom board, but currently
> CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP, CONFIG_PROC_VMCORE aren't settable on MPC8548. Is there any
> plan to make these options settable, or what kind of work I need to do if I
> implement by myself?

I would focus on kexec -e first and you don't need those two options. I suspect those two things should work but I would have to look and see why they are not selectable.

> I would appreciate any help to this.
> Thanks,

First off, what SHA of the kernel are you using? It looks like 2.6.35 should have the patches you need, but I want to double check. Also, how did you compile kexec-tools? Cross compile? What compiler are you using? 


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