[PATCH] kexec-tools: don't include every archs Makefile

Michael Neuling mikey at neuling.org
Tue May 4 21:51:10 EDT 2010

This patches changes the kexec/Makefile to only include the required
arch Makefile.  

Including all arch Makefiles causes unexpected results as changing one
archs Makefile effects all other archs.

ppc64 recently broke surprisingly because
6adc05c6e3fdbc8b9f5d915af78ca05d0a09cb17 "some kexec MIPS
improvements" added "CFLAGS +=-Wall -Werror" to
kexec/arch/mips/Makefile.  This shouldn't happen.

Signed-off-by: Michael Neuling <mikey at neuling.org>
Horms: Tested by compiling on x86 and ppc64, but probably needs
testing on other archs before being committed.

 kexec/Makefile |   12 +-----------
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 11 deletions(-)

Index: kexec-tools/kexec/Makefile
--- kexec-tools.orig/kexec/Makefile
+++ kexec-tools/kexec/Makefile
@@ -48,17 +48,7 @@ KEXEC_SRCS += $($(ARCH)_ARCH_REUSE_INITR
 $(ARCH)_ARCH_INIT		= kexec/arch_init.c
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/alpha/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/arm/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/i386/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/ia64/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/mips/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/cris/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/ppc/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/ppc64/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/s390/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/sh/Makefile
-include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/x86_64/Makefile
+include $(srcdir)/kexec/arch/$(ARCH)/Makefile

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