Anyone working on kexec for embedded powerpc?

Daniel Flemström daniel.flemstrom at
Mon Mar 29 03:13:36 EDT 2010

Hi all!
I have a mpc8641 hpcn board which i want to run kexec on and also do some research on software restart.
I think kexec is an excellent idea for embedded systems where you want to have quick restarts, but currently I can only see ppc gamecube support.

Somewhere i saw that Benjamin Herrenschmidt had plans, but it was a rather old message. Have anyone done any work with this for powerpc?
Otherwise i intend do start some work to port it to the powerpc platform(if possible).
I guess that the powerpc usage of device tree instead of the "blob" might be the biggest issue?

Is this the correct place for these discussions?

/Daniel Flemström
SE research department
Mälardalen University

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