kexec fail on ia64 platform

周雄 jencce2002 at
Wed Jun 9 02:33:14 EDT 2010

hello everyone,
           sorry to bother you. I have a problem with kexec tools. when i
use it on a ia64 machine, it does't work.
           situation 1 : after executing "kexec -l ***" and "kexec -e" ,
many "cpu # is now offline" printed out, then the system lose response.
           situation 2 (mostly): after many "cpu # is now offline" printed
out, some warn info printed out , and then a call trace..  system lose
response...    warn info is : Unexpected irq vector 0x44 on cpu 11! .. ..
call trace has info like : fixup_irqs , take_cpu_down, etc..
           Is there something wrong with my current kernel ? but it is an
usual Does kexec support IA64 fully?
           Thanks alot. bow. :)

jencce chou.
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