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H. Peter Anvin hpa at
Thu Jul 29 13:51:33 EDT 2010

On 07/29/2010 08:06 AM, Neil Horman wrote:
>> Sorry, can we keep the discussions of kexec-on-crash and kexec-in-place
>> clearly separated, please?  The qla driver issue is supposed to be
>> kexec-in-place, and it sounds like you're talking about kexec-on-crash.
> No, I'm just indicating a difference between the two paths, and I'm doing so
> because we used to have simmilar dma problems in the crash path, which we
> resolved by not turning of the iommu during shutdown, which is different from
> the in-place path.  Just trying to give you some thoughts about where to look

Fair enough... just wanted to flag this as a problem, because it has
already been the source of a lot of confusion.


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