kdump cp /proc/vmcore exiting with "Invalid Argument" Error

Sujit V sujit.linux at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 18:25:24 EST 2010

I used the system with a 2GB memory so that /proc/vmcore would be less
than 4G. (and I would use the readelf I had from the binutils)

Enter shell command >ls -l /proc/vmcore
-r--------    1 0        0        2006283756 Apr  5 02:15 /proc/vmcore

 cp /proc/vmcore /local/local1/crash/vmcore-incomplete

Enter shell command >ls -l /local/local1/crash/
total 1810340
-r--------    1 0        0        1989877760 Apr  4 05:01 vmcore-incomplete

The cp on vmcore failed at file size was 1989877760 bytes. (i.e 0x769B2000 ).

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