[PATCH] amd iommu: force flush of iommu prior during shutdown

Chris Wright chrisw at sous-sol.org
Thu Apr 1 03:10:40 EDT 2010

* Vivek Goyal (vgoyal at redhat.com) wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 02:25:35PM -0700, Chris Wright wrote:
> > * Neil Horman (nhorman at tuxdriver.com) wrote:
> > > Flush iommu during shutdown
> > > 
> > > When using an iommu, its possible, if a kdump kernel boot follows a primary
> > > kernel crash, that dma operations might still be in flight from the previous
> > > kernel during the kdump kernel boot.  This can lead to memory corruption,
> > > crashes, and other erroneous behavior, specifically I've seen it manifest during
> > > a kdump boot as endless iommu error log entries of the form:
> > > AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT device=00:14.1 domain=0x000d
> > > address=0x000000000245a0c0 flags=0x0070]
> > 
> > We've already fixed this problem once before, so some code shift must
> > have brought it back.  Personally, I prefer to do this on the bringup
> > path than the teardown path.  Besides keeping the teardown path as
> > simple as possible (goal is to get to kdump kernel asap), there's also
> > reason to competely flush on startup in genernal in case BIOS has done
> > anything unsavory.
> Can we flush domains (all the I/O TLBs assciated with each domain), during
> initialization? I think all the domain data built by previous kernel will
> be lost and new kernel will have no idea about. 

We first invalidate the device table entry, so new translation requests
will see the new domainid for a given BDF.  Then we invalidate the
whole set of page tables associated w/ the new domainid.  Now all dma
transactions will need page table walk (page tables will be empty excpet
for any 1:1 mappings).  Any old domainid's from previous kernel that
aren't found in new device table entries are effectively moot.  Just so
happens that in kexec/kdump case, they'll be the same domainid's, but
that doesn't matter.


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