[PATCH 3/7] powerpc32: pull in libfdt

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior sebastian at breakpoint.cc
Thu Apr 1 03:05:59 EDT 2010

* Simon Horman | 2010-04-01 09:58:19 [+1100]:


>I'm seeing some signed vs unsigned comparison warnings in this code.
>Here is a stab that I took at fixing them. Do they seem reasonable to you?
All but fdt_create() and fdt_strerror() look fine on the first look. The
two mentioned don't have the .c file updated. fdt_strerror() should
remain unsigned as the error code is negative.

>If so, we could either merge them into your patch or just apply them
>as another patch.
I would prefer leaving it as it. It is an external library and the time
we update it, we lose this changes. If you are going to compile this
with -Werror could you add -Wno-sign-compare for the libfdt part? If not
please apply it as a separate patch and I try to forward it upstream if
you don't.


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