makedumpfile-1.3.4: Support kdump-compressed format for input file.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi oomichi at
Thu Oct 8 22:40:35 EDT 2009


makedumpfile version 1.3.4 is released.
Your comments/patches are welcome.

 o New feature
   - Support kdump-compressed format for input file. (by Takao Indoh)
      A new makedumpfile can read dumpfile which is kdump-compressed format
      instead of /proc/vmcore and re-filter it.
   - Add dump filtering on an x86_64 xen domain-0.
      A new makedumpfile can exclude unnecessary pages (cache pages, user
      process data pages, and free pages) on on x86_64 xen domain-0.
   - Save utsname data into disk_dump_header.
      A new makedumpfile saves utsname data into disk_dump_header.
      The crash utility can output the data from a dumpfile by 'help -n'.
   - Add linux-2.6.30 - 2.6.31 support.

 o Bugfix
   - Fix some lacks of free(). (by Minoru Usui)

 o Code Cleanup
   - Add some comments to code for the readability.
   - Remove VERSION_LINUX_2_6_XX.
   - Add paddr_to_pfn() and pfn_to_paddr() macros.
   - Merge the version information of makedumpfile.
   - Merge the PT_NOTE methods of both elf64 and elf32.
   - Reduce some indents in exclude_unnecessary_pages().
   - Remove unnecessary spaces.
   - read_disk_dump_header() and read_kdump_sub_header().
   - Use DISKDUMP_HDADER_BLOCKS for the readability.

Explanation of makedumpfile:
  To shorten the size of the dumpfile and the time of creating the
  dumpfile, makedumpfile copies only the necessary pages for analysis
  to the dumpfile from /proc/vmcore. You can specify the kind of
  unnecessary pages with dump_level. If you want to shorten the size
  further, enable the compression of the page data.

  You can download the latest makedumpfile from the following URL.
  Details of the change are written on the CVS page of the following site.

Method of installation:
  You can compile the makedumpfile command as follows;
  1. "tar -zxvf makedumpfile-x.y.z.tar.gz"
  2. "cd makedumpfile-x.y.z"
  3. "make; make install"

  makedumpfile [-c] [-E] [-d dump_level] [-x vmlinux] dump_mem dump_file

  If you want to exclude pages filled by zero, cache pages, user pages
  and free pages and to enable compression, please execute the following

  # makedumpfile -c -d 31 -x vmlinux /proc/vmcore dumpfile

Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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