Kexec not working as expected from inside X

Bernhard Walle bernhard at
Mon Nov 30 02:57:40 EST 2009

Mayank Kaushik schrieb:
> Is it something in the nvidia driver that's causing this to not work?
> Any clues on what's going wrong, or how I can debug this further?

You should attach a serial console to debug that. Is that possible on
your system. It's also possible to use a USB-to-RS232 converter on the
machine that should be debugged. However, that only works after the USB
drivers have been loaded, so much later than a real serial console.

Of course it would make sense to try without the "nvidia" driver. Just
edit your xorg.conf and replace "nvidia" with "nv". You don't have any
3D graphics then, but it's only for a test. :-)


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