smp support in kexec

wilbur.chan wilbur512 at
Mon Nov 16 10:20:54 EST 2009

Hi all!

Recently , I am trying    kexec smp feature support for ppc64,  and mips64 .

I found that , ppc64  makes  the secondary cpus to spin in a loop
,while in mips64 , the seconday cpus wait until the main cpu  jumped
to kernel entry , and then they(secondary cpus)

jumped to kernel entry too .

So I 've got some questions on the entry point for cpus.

It seemed that , in kernel code , seconday cpus were brought up by
main cpu in a 'init' process .

After initializing , the main cpu send ipi to all  secondary cpus
,waked them up , and  then , secondary cpus jump to a different
'secondary ' entry point. But patches show that ,all cpus

will jumped to the same entry ,so I 'm not sure about this , if all
cpus would have the simillar  boot process  or not.

Any suggestion?

Thank you



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