Dear Beloved...

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Thu Mar 19 18:41:02 EDT 2009

Dear Beloved,

Heavenly Greetings, How are you hope you are keeping healthy, permitted me to ask
you if you are in full time ministerial word? is your ministry into humanitarian
activities? Compliments, Let me quickly introduce myself as Mrs.Pamela Mukami,
married to Mr Mike Mukami, a Gigiri, based business man in Kenya who until his death
was a timber export merchant here in Kenya Its a sorrowful thing to say that he died
in a fatal motor accident along side with our only son on the 28th of february 2009,
while coming back from a business meeting. (God knows best).

When my husband was alive, He deposited his life savings (US$15.5million) with a
bank here in South Africa with my name as the next of kin.

As God may have it, recently I was diagnosed of liver cancer, and the doctors said i
have just six months live-In view of my condition, and the fact that I have nobody
to leave this money behind for, with the exception of my husband people who are not
Christians decided to donate this money to either a living Church, a person, or a
humanitarian organization that will use this money in propagating the good massage
and also taking care of the orphans, widows, and the needy generally.(2Cor:

By so doing, I would have succeeded in immortalizing the names of my late Husband
and my only Son. Beloved, though I am sick and dying, I am not afraid of death
because I know were I am going. My soul has found a resting place in the handsome
blossom of the lord.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or persecution- --
-(Rom 8:28-38 vs. 35) As soon as I receive your reply, I will give you the contact
of my lawyer that I had handed over all the documents to, and he will notify the
bank and all the legal documents that would warrant the transfer of the fund to you.

Please understand that this massage requires urgency as my ill-health demands. Any
delay in your response will give me room to contact other person; I also want an
assurance that you will use this fund for the purpose I have stated herein.

Hope to hearing from you. God, we pray for all those who, following the example of
Jesus, search and work for peace, proclaiming and building your reign. Increase
their strength and fill them with your grace. Kindly reply to my private E-mail for
more information address:pamela at

Yours In Christ.
Mrs.Pamela Mukami
Tell :+27-82-8119-520
Email:pamela at

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